Aurora borealis - Zenderfull
First minutes of 2017 were lit
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Grunnfarnes 🔥

On the 3rd night of the aurora hunt, we headed to Grunnfarnes. We wanted to access a beach we saw on Google Maps however conditions were really bad, there was plenty of snow and the only way to get to the beach is to actually walk through the snow hoping you don't fall between some hidden rocks. I really wanted to get to the rocky beach, so I took my bag and tripods and started walking. I noticed a footpath of an animal, a dear I would say given its size. I followed it and after 15 minutes I reached the beach. The view was amazing, it was really dark if you look towards the water. I started taking photos and trying to find a good composition, the aurora was starting to be active. Then in a matter of minutes, it just started dancing. I launched my first camera and then took the second one and pointed towards the city to get this shot.

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