Aurora borealis - Zenderfull
First minutes of 2017 were lit
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Aurora fail 👎

Remember, everyone fails, this is how you learn how to improve. Sometimes it's due to bad luck as well. Learn from your failures and make it a way to search for new successful stories.

That was the first night of my trip to Norway last March, it was cloudy all over and we haven't scouted well the area yet. We found this location and thought it'll be promising, we spent there around 4 hours waiting for the skies to clear out, it barely did. I was stressed knowing that this is a failed night, everything was wrong, my framing, stars were blurred, nothing worked that night. I went back to the Airbnb house we had and called it a night.

After that night everything everything changed! I learned how to handle my stress and be patient because the great shots are coming.

It's okay to fail

auroranorwayfailed shot