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Polar Stratospheric Clouds 💗

Reine, Norway, December 2016:
After spending 2 nights in Leknes, we drove to Reine and arrived late. During that time, it was a polar night (when none of the Sun's disc is visible above the horizon at all. It only happens within the polar circles). We had no sun for 2 days.
On December 31st 2016, I woke up around 10am to see a bright coloured light from my window. I was so attracted by the source of this light so I decided to go outside and try to capture some photos.
Once I am out, I headed towards the main road and just got shocked by witnessing the most magical and beautiful colours in the sky taking forms of clouds.
I tried snapping a photo with my phone, but I couldn't get the colours I saw. I used my cam, and yet the colors were very hard to catch. I kept changing my settings and shooting until I got one shot that represented almost the same lights I saw. I went back to research this, Could this be daytime aurora?
Then I discovered the notion of Polar Startoshperic Clouds (PCSs).

"Scientists recently discovered that polar stratospheric clouds, long known to play an important role in Antarctic ozone destruction, are occurring with increasing frequency in the Arctic. These high altitude clouds form only at very low temperatures help destroy ozone in two ways: They provide a surface which converts benign forms of chlorine into reactive, ozone-destroying forms, and they remove nitrogen compounds that moderate the destructive impact of chlorine. In recent years, the atmosphere above the Arctic has been colder than usual, and polar stratospheric clouds have lasted into the spring. As a result, ozone levels have been decreasing." - NASA (link below)

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