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First minutes of 2017 were lit
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Trouvaille (noun) Something lovely found by chance.

16 July 2017, after camping in Mont Mégantic, QC, and coming back to Montreal, I headed back towards Mont Mégantic. We arrived there, but the sky quickly changed from being clear to become cloudy, we were sad, we decided to call it a night and head back to Montréal.
On the way back, I stopped next to a bridge where I remember seeing some cows, I wanted to see if they're still there, however, looking up, I saw that sky was super clear and just facing me, I saw the Milkyway clear and bright!

I started walking towards the bridge, then I saw this awesome reflection and I took this panorama.

I wished there were no power cables in that area, I could use photoshop to remove them, but in my opinion, they should stay...

That was a Trouvaille!

milkywayskymountainsnightlightstarsmountainlong exposurestarnight photographygalactic corepanorama

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